Better Mental Health Services

With ongoing pressures and the changing nature of how we live in the modern age with things like social media, understanding mental health issues and looking after our own mental health has become more important than ever. This is why last month I organised a fundraiser for the fantastic local mental health charity, Wiltshire Mind, which is based in Melksham and does a wonderful job in actively helping people who struggle with their mental health. There is never going to be a simple answer or solution to how we can tackle mental health conditions that in some respects we still do not fully understand, however I am confident that the expansion of existing mental health services is essential.

Mental health services are rightly receiving the fastest increase in funding as part of the £33.9 billion investment in our NHS which this Government has committed over the five-year settlement. This will mean much better access to community and crisis mental health services for adults, children and young people and significant investment in the mental health of young pupil by supporting schools and colleges to introduce new mental health teams and train leaders for their pupils’ mental health.

It is fantastic news that the Chippenham constituency will be among the second wave of trailblazer areas to benefit from these Mental Health support teams. These will work with schools and colleges to provide a link with young people’s mental health services, ensuring more pupils people get the help and support they need, when they need it. Local schools and colleges will also get priority access next year to mental health training. This is such an important and sensitive issue which we have to get right and I will be doing everything I can to support local and national efforts.