My Plan for our Community

Improve GP access and strengthen our NHS – I have been working with the Secretary of State for Health on initiatives to tackle GP shortages in market towns like ours. I shall always fight for more investment into our NHS so it is not only safeguarded but also improved.

Passionately champion our community – the last few years have been unprecedented but I have always put our community first. I will continue to be accessible, approachable and hardworking. I regularly organise local events to help residents such as debt advice workshops, over-55’s events & Crime Forums, the list goes on. I hold surgeries in supermarkets, cafes, pubs, village halls plus my closed appointments. I also have stands at fetes and carnivals – all to be as accessible as possible.

Education, education, education – I will build on my successful campaign for more money, Wiltshire Primary schools will get at least £4,000 per pupil and Secondary Schools £5,000 per pupil. I will also make improving SEND provision a priority.

Stand up for veterans – I will ensure that we end the shameful historic allegations against our servicemen. Wiltshire has a proud military history and I have put forward the views of veterans into the new Armed Forces Bill.

Visible, effective policing – I have organised several crime forums across the constituency and anti-social behaviour plus a lack of police presence repeatedly came up. I have pushed for more bobbies on the beat in our towns and villages and will ensure that Wiltshire gets it’s fair share of the 20,000 extra police officers. I recently volunteered for a day with Wiltshire Police who told me how the additional recruits will make a real difference on Wiltshire streets.

Reduce plastics, tackle climate change and strengthen animal welfare legislation – I will continue to be a strong voice in Parliament. I am pleased with my part in the successful campaign to get companies to remove plastic from tea bags. I love doing environment workshops with local schools. I will continue to push for us to do more to promote and support green energy and electric vehicles – two areas that will make a massive difference.

Standing up for our public services and our businesses – from campaigning for fairer funding in our schools, tackling homelessness, standing up for the self-employed, and young families and our NHS, I will continue to deliver results for you.

A Plan for Wiltshire and for our Country

I have been a Minister for over 16 months, first as a Whip and also as an Education Minister in more recent months. This has helped ensure that the ideas and concerns of people here in Wiltshire have been communicated to the top of government like never before. I am the only candidate who can guarantee that your voice is heard by those in power.

It is time to provide real opportunities for all. I entered politics to give everyone a fair chance to get on in life by building enough affordable housing, making sure there is a good school place for every child and ensuring that we set the standard for how we look after our people as they get older and retire.