Bradford on Avon One-Way System

I am urging Bradford on Avon Town Council to end any further delays on progressing a one-way system, by agreeing the offer on the table from Wiltshire Council. This would allow a scheme to reduce the town’s traffic and congestion issues to actually move forward, but with modelling to ensure it works for areas like New Town.

πŸ‘‰ Wiltshire Council have agreed to fund 1/3 of the cost of modelling needed to progress a one-way system to the next stage, with the Town Council contributing the other 2/3

πŸ‘‰ This offer is in line with other towns and villages in the county like Lacock and Marlborough, who have also needed traffic surveys

πŸ‘‰ At a meeting last month, the Town Council agreed to fund 1/2 of the cost of modelling in principle, rather than the 2/3 needed

πŸ‘‰ Progress on a one-way scheme cannot move forward without an agreement, so local residents are stuck without progress and the traffic problems remain 

This is something I have been pushing for progress on for years and the Town Council's decision is causing further delays on delivering a solution for Bradford on Avon.

Whilst no scheme will eliminate congestion altogether, a permanent one-way system would make a significant difference to traffic levels, improve pedestrian safety with wider pavements and reduce the impact on the environment.

Some changes are needed to the temporary one way scheme based on resident concerns, and so that is why the modelling is important.

We now need this to move forward so I would urge the Town Council to get on and agree to the offer on the table.