Residents' Views

What residents think about Michelle:


“Meeting Michelle gives me confidence that she has local interests at heart when it comes to SME businesses.”

Dan Barfoot, local Devizes business owner


“Michelle is extremely supportive of our community work here in Bradford on Avon and strives to help us in any way she can.”

Becky, local resident of Bradford on Avon


“I’ve never voted Tory before but will always vote for Michelle because of her clear commitment, work ethic and dedication to our community. Michelle has shown time and time again that she can make a difference locally.”

Steve Plummer, local resident of Melksham


“Thanks to Michelle's career fair, I discovered my passion for marketing and secured an internship. Her support has been pivotal in shaping my career.”

Emily, local student


“Michelle is without a doubt one of the most hard-working and dedicated MPs. She has proved time and time again that she really cares and works tirelessly for all of us. Her true value is in making things happen. Her constant fundraising for local charities is phenomenal and she was instrumental in putting Melksham Free Dining on the map. This changed the lives of many vulnerable residents. She continues to improve the lives for the better and concentrates not only on organisations but individuals- she is there for the person that isn't seen and the person that doesn't have a voice.”

Deedee, Melksham free Dining and local resident of Bowerhill


“Michelle stands up for the villages she represents. She has been an active supporter of the Stop Whitley Battery Site campaign. In my personal experience when Michelle says she will do something she follows through.”

Peter Richardson, local resident of Whitley


“When she became our MP and I was Chairman of the local Parish Council we had various issues and every time she was always ready to help in anyway possible."

Chris Doel, local farmer


“When life took an unexpected change, Michelle was there for me. She didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand, offering advice and connecting me with the right resources. Thanks to her, I now have a home and better health. I can't thank her enough for her kindness and support."

Linda, local resident from Melksham


“Michelle has helped with the challenges we have faced over the years and is a strong voice for Melksham. Melksham Town Football Club would like to thank Michelle for her support and advice, wishing her all the best for the future."

Darren Perrin, Director and Chair of Melksham Football Club


“During a personal situation. I turned to Michelle for help and assistance without hesitation, she generously gave up her time, expertise, and invaluable advice. My wife and I are profoundly grateful for her unwavering support."

Linda, local resident from Melksham


“Michelle is like a Rotwiler, once she has her teeth into a bit of casework, she does not stop until she gets a result. 10/10 Thoroughly agree that Michelle is excellent."

Terry, from Chippenham 


“Thanks to Michelle Donelan for assisting with solving various problems with my housing association. I wouldn't have received a resolution without her help and I'm very grateful."

Barbara, from Corsham


“Thanks to Michelle, I secured an internship. Her support has been pivotal in my career."

Emily, local student