Protecting our local habitats

Caring for our local environment is one of my priorities which is why I recently wrote to Wiltshire Council asking them to adopt the roadside verges initiative and let our wild flowers bloom. This will create dramatically more pollinator habitats which are essential for bees whilst also massively increasing biodiversity and restoring vital wild flower habitats.

I am pleased to see from the response of Wiltshire Council that they are planning to carry this out along the A350 however I am clear this has to be expanded upon and the sites they are identifying with the help of local councils need to be stepped up. Action must be taken as soon as possible to allow wild fauna to flourish and to encourage local wildlife. It is only right we learn to live harmoniously with the environment around us and making sure we maintain the highest possible level of biodiversity in developed areas is a great way of protecting precious habitats whilst creating new ones for the generations to come.

We already know how important our gardens can be for the local wildlife and how planting flowers can make a real impact in improving and conserving the environment for pollinators like bees, however action at a county and even national level should be taken alongside the individual efforts we make. This is why I am working to ensure our local authorities deliver on their commitments and take the need to protect our unique habitats seriously.